Crystal Dolphins and Dolphin Figurines

The brilliance of crystal can sparkle like sunlight off of the waves. Get one of these magnificent crystal dolphins or dolphin figurines for your home and add a bright elegance to your surroundings.

Dolphin Duet - Crystal World 1078 Dolphin Duet - Crystal World 1078

Item # 1078


Dolphin - Large - Crystalle 41563 Dolphin - Large - Crystalle 41563

Item # 41563


Dolphin - Extra-Large - Crystalle 41566 Dolphin - Extra-Large - Crystalle 41566

Item # 41566


Dolphin Family - Crystalle 41653 Dolphin Family - Crystalle 41653

Item # 41653


Dolphin Vase - Lenox Classics 6093736 Dolphin Vase - Lenox Classics 6093736

Item # 6093736
A solitary dolphin ascends a powerful wave in a shimmering arc, at one with the ocean. In this dance of the deep, the graceful dolphin follows the lead of its partner, the surging sea.

This is the drama and the beauty of The Crystal Dolphin Vase. A work of full-lead crystal as captivating as the dolphin itself.

The vase is etched with the Lenox hallmark and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.


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